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We’ are a team of professional in the field of Instrumentation Engineering, we carry more than 50 man years of experience in various Domains of Industrial Applications.

Word ‘Aashay’ means ‘the important, crucial & best part of anything’ and we provide solutions to Measure, Monitor & Control these crucial aspects.

For All over India and Middle East Markets, we dedicate ourselves to Provide Innovative, Proven, Value Added Solutions in the Field of Instrumentation, Test and Measurement, High Speed Data Acquisition and Logging, Transient Recorders, Strain, Vibration & Sound Measurement Systems, Weather Stations, Various Sensors & Transducers, Paperless Recorders, Thermal Arraycorders, Image Grabbing and Analysis,  Toll Automation Hardware & Software, Dam and River related Disaster Management System etc. 

Present Industrial demand for monitoring and validation of a process or a project require and increasing diversified Data Logging capabilities. We provide integrated solutions for different kinds of Data Logging and Data Acquisition needs to various industries like Engineering Companies, Automotive Industries, Research labs and Life Science Laboratories, DRDOs, Space and Automic Research Centres.

Our integrated data logging solutions are specially designed for a host of scientific, industrial and environmental applications. The high accuracy, flexibility and reliability of the products makes them particularly suited to use in applications as diverse as automotive testing, Engine Testing & Diagnostic, Remote weather monitoring based on GSM or Radio telemetry, oven temperature profiling, Pharmaceutical, Mining and Construction Equipments, Agricultural research and Electrical Power Data Logging.

As a part of providing total end to end, plug n play solutions we deal with proven
 best-in –segment products from various leading companies across the globe such as DATA TRANSLATION - MEASUREMENT COMPUTING  , Grant Instruments Cambridge Ltd UK, dataTaker Australia, Eltek Ltd UK , ELSYS AG Switzerland, SensoScientific Inc USA, Simex Poland,

We are the Principal Distributors of DATA TRANSLATION - MEASUREMENTS COMPUTING  a leading Company in the Field of High Speed Data Acquisition, Strain, Sound & Vibration Measurement Systems, Image Grabbing, Test and Measurement Software.

We are the distributors of Grant Instrument Cambridge Ltd. UK , Which is celebrating Dimond Jubilee of their Excellent Products this Year.
We are the System Integrators and Resellers of dataTaker Australia.

GPS and GSM based Solutions-

We have developed a integrated solutions using New Generation and Intelligent Data Loggers from DataTaker for Automobile Validation and Testing, we have provided GPS and GSM based solutions which acquires the Analogue Channels for Temperature, Pressure, Brake Force etc and Digital Channels such as RPM, Gear Positions etc with respect to GPS parameters ( Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Altitude, Distance Travelled etc ) We can detect vehicle position and Rout Mapping on Google Earth. Data and Alerts are available on your Cellphones and on Internet.

Data Logging Services and Projects-

We have a wel-equipped team consisted of Stalwarts who guide our customers in Critical Data Acquisition regularly undertake Data Acquisition projects for our Various Customers for acquisition of parameters such as Static and Dynamic Strain,  Temperature, Pressure, RPM etc.

We are the distributors of ELSYS AG Switzerland. Provides Ruggedized Portable Transient Recorders Suitable for Harsh

Environment and Mission Critical Applications.

We are Channel Partners of Simex- Poland which is a leading company in Industrial Automation and Test & Measurements. Their Products such as Multichannel Process Recorder, HMIs, RTUs, Process Indicators & Controllers and Transmitters are successfully used in Engineering Domains such as Chemical, Process, Pharma, Energy.

SensoScientific Inc.'s CFR21 Part 11 compliant Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems are dedicated for Hospitals, Health Departments & Life Science Laboratories are fast becoming industry leader in pushing the boundaries of detection technology. With the release of newest WIFI product line we are introducing not only a State of the Art Web-embedded WIFI platform technology

Automatic Weather Station-

We provide the Automatic Weather Station in Agriculture and Highway Sector., Agromet station  are  designed and customized to allow farmer, agronomist and researches to monitor of weather condition that affect on plant health . AWS provides parameter like Air temperature , Humidity, solar radiation, Rainfall, Wind speed & direction, Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture, Barometric Pressure etc.
Highway Meteorological Data Station provides observation on the most crucial parameter like Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Road temperature,Visibility, Rainfall, Wind Speed & Direction  etc.

This all is really a Value for your Money…!

Data Logging Field Trials Made Easy with our Specially Customised Versions-
Through our Continuous evolution and up gradation based on end-user feedbacks, we  develop Interface Units which play important roll of interfacing Data Acquisition / Logging system with all types of Sensors as per the Application. These Interface Units provide total safety and designed for trouble free data logging and are suitable for Field Data Logging on Plug and Play basis….!s
We have not only provided such solutions for Indian Markets but also we export our System solutions to Overseas Markets such as South Africa, Middle East, Austalia…!