Industries : Engine Health Monitering
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Engine Health Monitoring:

We provide integrated solutions for different kinds of data logging and data acquisition needs to Engine Health Monitoring.
As a part of providing customized effective and durable data logging solutions we deal with proven best-in-the-segment products.
We specialize in providing Engine Monitoring System and services for all Automotive and Engine Manufacturing Industry. As Per your requirements, we can provide monitoring solutions and consulting services to suit your needs.

Engine Monitoring
  Oil pressure, Oil temperature, Water pressure, Water temperature, Fuel injector timing,  Crank position,  RPM, Noise level, Heat detection,  Catalytic converter, Cooling fan speed,  Manifold pressure, Manifold temperature,  Exhaust gas temperature, Exhaust gas Pressure , Radiator In and Radiator out Temperature.

Automotive :


Automotive applications cover a broad range of projects including performance validation, engine manufacturing, fuel efficiency testing, emissions testing, fleet management, and many more

General Testing
  Chassis monitoring, Road noise, Vehicle speed
Distance traveled, Humidity, Altitude, Geographic location

Fuel System Testing
 Line pressure, Tank pressure, Temperature, Flow

Brake Testing
   Line pressure, Pedal pressure and travel, Line and pad temperature,  ABS

Strain & Vibration Measurements :

We offer data loggers suitable for direct measurement of load cells or strain gauges, with systems from Data Translation. They can supply a voltage or current excitation signal and provide programmable gain and scaling for low level signals, eliminating the need for any external signal conditioning. We have strain gauge data loggers that support sample rates up to 50 kHz for measurement of dynamic loads as well as models for measurement of static or slowly changing loads


Oven Temperature Profiling:

We offer several different oven temperature profiling systems from 1 to 6 channels to gather temperature data to help optimize processes and minimize costs for baking, powder coat curing, and other process ovens.
These systems include temperature data loggers and thermal barriers designed to be passed through conveyor or batch ovens, useful in electric, gas, and radiant ovens. They can measure the temperature profile of items as they pass through the oven to determine how fast they heat/cool and how uniform the temperature is across the part for quality assurance.
We provide Grant Squirrel dataloggers for a complete turn-key package including the data logger, thermal barrier and probes especially designed for paint curing applications. The PaintView software program provided as part of these systems includes % cure calculations and direct printer support.
Custom thermal barriers are available on request for other applications that have different process time/temperature profiles.

Process Monitoring :

The Multicon CMC-99 is a powerful and versatile compact-multichannel-controller with a capability to record data, if the recording function is requested and activated. Thanks to that it is one of the first industrial devices which integrates advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time & profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitations and current state of controlled objects. Based on Linux firmware, is stable and the touch screen makes configuration easy and comfortable and data presentation also readable and attractive. Although the Multicon CMC-99 is build in a quite small housing, it can integrate up to 48 inputs, and its construction allows user almost free configuration by choosing up to 3 from 16 available input/output modules.

Toll Automation & Imegging:

Imaging Solution for Industrial and Highway Toll-plaza Application. Image Grabbing & Analysis with PCI Frame Grabbers and Machine Vision hardware and software Products. Data Translation Provides Two series Frame Grabber: Mach-2 & Mach-1. Our Mach-2 Series Frame Grabber includes the DT3162 board, which feature a programmable front-end & High Speed image Acquisition.