USBDAQ DataTranslation
Data Translation
PCI- DAQ and Imaging
Data Translation
PCI frame grabber cammera Data Translation
Strain, Sound & Vibration Data Acquistion systems
Strain Datalogger
Data Acquisition Software Data Translation
Strain Gauges & Accessorie for Strain Measurement
  Test & Measurement DAQ Software
  • QuickDAQ  Base Package (Free)
  • Ready-to-measure application software
  • Configure, acquire, log, display, and analyze your data
  • Customize many aspects of the acquisition, display, and recording functions to suit your needs
  • FFT Analysis Option (License Required)

  For Serious Vibration Measurement
VIBpoint Framework
  • The ultimate in Sound and Vibration measurement
  • Just configure and run for modal analysis, failure analysis, and quality determinations… no programming, just point and click
  • Applications that change and grow to more channels or modules are automatically extended to acquire all data synchronously
  • Portable operation in the field for sound and vibration on laptops through USB power for all data acquisition modules
  • Application provides FFT, FRF, THD, SNR, SINAD, ENOB and displays results in plot windows.

  Application Builder for Test & Measurement Systems
Measure Foundry
  • Measure Foundry offers a full-featured, powerful rapid application development environment. You can develop applications easily and quickly with the unique drag and drop graphical interface using property pages to configure necessary components.
  • Measure Foundry supports system standards like IVI, VISA, SCPI to control instruments over LAN, GPIB, PXI/VXI, LXI.
    Measure Foundry also includes support for the full line of Data Translation USB and PCI boards that are compatible with the DT-Open Layers for .NET
  • Class Library., Create Measurement Solutions, Synchronize and Correlate Data, Configure Hardware Automatically, Perform Control Loop Operations, Document Programs Automatically, Link Directly to Excel® and MATLAB, Create Custom Formulae, Measure Efficiently, Get Started , uickly, "REAL-TIME" attributes, Academic license available