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Strain Gauges & Accessorie for Strain Measurement
  Strain Datalogger
AUTOLOG 3000 Data Acquisition
  • 6 separate measuring-amplifiers
  • 6 A/D converters (working in parallel) each 1 kHz @ 24 bits
  •  Resolution of 0.1 µV/V
  • Full-bridge straingauges
  • Thermocouples (alle common types: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T)
  • Resistance thermometers (Pt-100, Pt-1000)
  • Potentiometric transducers
  • A variety of DC input ranges
  • Future use of TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) is prepared.

Features of CA3460 measuring card CA3460 Option 1 (for strain gauges)

  • High-precision complementary resistors for:
  • ½ bridges
  • ¼ bridges (120, 350 and 1000 Ohms)
  • - Bridge supply adjustable between 0.5 and 5.0 Volts
  • - Shunt measurement to check the sensor cables
  • - Resolution of 0.2 µm/m

    CA3460 Option 2 (CF for inductive transducers)
  • - 5 kHz carrier frequency
  • - 2 Veff supply voltage
  • - Bandwidth: 200 Hz (-3 dB)   More.............
  Data Acquisition System for strain measurement
AUTOLOG 2100 Data Acquisition
  • Base unit for 240 channels 2-wire (or 80 channels 6-wire)
  • Expandable up to 1000 channels with extension boxes
  • Each channel can be programmed seperately
  • Carrier frequency or DC amplifiers for straingauges
  • 18 bit resolution with static measurements (25 channels/s)
  • 16 bit resolution with quasi-static measurements (1600 channels/s)

To measure...

  • Strain gauges in ¼-, ½- and full bridge configuration Force-, pressure- and acceleration transducers based on strain gauges
  • Inductive and potentiometric displacement transducers
  • Thermocouples and Pt100-sensors -DC signals

Features w.r.t. strain gauge measurements

  • The 1 kHz carrier frequency for strain gauge measurements ensures noise insensitive measurements with high reproducability, even under severe conditions.
  • Supports all types of bridge configurations and connections, e.g. straingauges ¼-bridge in 3- and 4-wire connection. Internal ¼-bridge completion with the choice of 120, 240 or 350 Ohm
  • Concept of 1-5 common dummies for 100 channels. The advantage of a common dummy straingauge is the compensation of the temperature dependent strain in the measured object. This strongly simplifies the application and wiring.
  • -An optional central isolation and resistance module is available. This option is very useful when the straingauges can not be accessed during the test (e.g. if they are under water).