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Strain Gauges & Accessorie for Strain Measurement
  Strain Gauges & Accessorie for Strain measurements
Strain Gauges & Accessories

we provides you with a choice of standardized strain gauges & measurement service in Quarter, Half or Full bridge, near or far location.

  Adhesives & Bonding Material for Strain Gauges

We provide bonding material to ideally attach your strain gauge to the test object. 

  Accessories for the installation of strain gauges

Cleaning agents, aids for bonding, solder terminals, and more... Everything you need for a good strain gauge application

  Portable Strain- and Bridge-Based DAQ
  • 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC/ch
  • Strain- and Bridge-Based or voltage inputs
  • 4 analog inputs, tachometer
  • Up to 52.7kS/s/ch
  • Powered by USB
  • Included software and drivers